How would a story pan out if the hero was drunk, stoned, and distracted easily?
Introducing Jasper White, the second most important human to ever live, whose mission is to save the world from the alien invasion...or not...probably not.




“There’s a man named Oniel.”
Arlond shifted in her chair.
“He is going to lead a rebellion against these Alien invaders which will be victorious. It is my duty to find him and protect him to ensure the survival of mankind.”
“So that’s your mission? To be a bodyguard?”
I was studying her very closely. She seemed kinda upset, but also kinda relieved. It was odd.
“Partially. I’m also supposedly going to come up with a philosophy/religion that will help the world on some massive scale and apparently it’s going to bleed onto other worlds...Somehow I’m going to save the world spiritually, as well as part of the galaxy”
That was all she said! Fucking “Oh” and that was that! She got up, lit a cigarette and walked to the other side of the boat.